I Got Burned in Hawaii, so You Don’t Have to.

It was inevitable.  Despite applying sunscreen, the Hawaiian sun got me.  It was bound to happen sometime, I’m just glad it happened sooner rather than later.  Here’s what I learned from my burn.

  • Prevention.  The best way to prevent sunburn is to become a recluse in the house, and only come out at night.  Although this isn’t ideal, I guarantee it is effective.  Okay, just kidding.  It’s hard to avoid the sun, especially here.  Driving in your car, your arm is exposed.  Walking anywhere, your shoulders and neck are exposed.  And beachin’, well a lot of skin is exposed there.  So your options are to either wear layers to cover exposed skin, or to wear sunscreen.  The only problem with layers is that it’s also hot here.  Therefore bundling up isn’t ideal.  So sunscreen it is.
    1.  It is advised to use no less than SPF 30.  But keep in mind that the trick is to apply and re-apply.  Swimming, sweating, and towel drying can take off the sunscreen, so you need to re-apply it after doing those things.  Otherwise, the rule of thumb is to apply every 2 hours.
    2. Another thing to remember is that you need to give the sunscreen time to work before you jump in the ocean.  Apply the sunscreen, then wait and let it dry and soak in before you go swimming.  Otherwise it’s like not even putting sunscreen on in the first place.
  • If by chance, you do get burned as I did, there are some things you can do to help the healing process.
    1. Aloe is your friend.  Use it.  Rub aloe vera on your burned skin for cooling relief.  Even a lotion that has aloe in it works wonders.
    2. If your skin starts to blister, let it.  Leave it be.  Let it do it’s thing.  My cheek was blistering, so I didn’t put any cosmetics on for fear of irritating it more.  Yes I looked a little funny, but there wasn’t much I could do.  The next day, it had dried itself out and was just rough skin.  For that, I put Vaseline on the dry parts and have seen a huge improvement.
    3. After that, flaky skin is just that.  It no longer hurts, just flakes off.  Use a nice exfoliant to liven up the area and you’re good as new.

I wouldn’t wish a Hawaiian sunburn on anyone, but it happens.  Learn from my mistakes, and apply that sunscreen!


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