The Dole Plantation

One of the adventures T and I have enjoyed this month was visiting the Dole Plantation.  I’ll be honest, the plantation itself was quite boring, but we really wanted to try the infamous Dole Whip.  And let me tell you, that was delicious! The whip itself was worth the trip, but that’s about all.


I made sure to get the more expensive “sipper cup” to double as my souvenir as well.  This idea was good in theory, until one of the roommates melted it in the dishwasher… It’s okay, just an excuse to go back for more whip in the future.

The real adventure began when we left the plantation.  On our way back home we saw a sign for a “Coffee Farm with Lots of Charm”.  I mean, how can you resist that? So we stopped at this little coffee farm, which was also a coffee shop in the middle of the country.  As a coffee critic myself, their coffee was really good! They did have the farm open, where you could go see the coffee trees, but it was pouring so we saved that for another day.  Inside the coffee shop part, there were lots of local gifts as well from different artists around the island.  Definitely a place to do some Christmas shopping later!

So if I was headed toward Wahiawa Town again, I would stop at the Dole Plantation only for the whip, and even then, I could only see myself doing that like once a month at the most.  But I would definitely make the drive to stop for some coffee from the local coffee farm any day.

I’ve come to learn that sometimes the tourist traps are not worth the time or money, but the things you see along the way are way better!


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