Crying Over Toilet Paper

Well, it happened.  T and I had our first real argument.  And, as the title suggests, it was over something stupid.  You see, T and I share the master bedroom in our house, so we have a bathroom of our own right off the bedroom.  This is very convenient for many reasons, but it also means sharing a bathroom with a boy.  Now, I will say that T has been great about making sure he puts the toilet seat down after doing his business, but replacing the toilet paper, not so much…

On more than one occasion T left me without toilet paper, so I finally had it.  He could tell that I was upset, because after sitting in traffic for an hour, I just wanted to come home and pee… but instead I had to search the house for a new roll of toilet paper before I could relieve myself.  Note: I was able to find a new roll just fine, but that is irrelevant, because I shouldn’t have had to.

Just writing about it, still infuriates me, but I’ll continue… After a long day at work, T and I like to both shower, and most days we do it together since we can.  After the toilet paper fiasco though, I wasn’t particularly happy to be showering with him.  He didn’t think this toilet paper thing was a big deal, however I did remind him that girls use TP anytime they go to the bathroom, not just for #2 like boys.  He still didn’t seem to understand the concept that if you are the one to finish a roll, then you should be the one replacing it for the next person.  I mean, I thought this was common sense, but I guess not.  At this point, since my words didn’t seem to make him understand, I was getting frustrated, and in turn was crying over the fact that he wasn’t listening, or apologizing for that matter.  So there we are, naked in the shower together, with me balling, because what do good couples do? Fight it out in the nude together… I felt vulnerable, and so did he.  Long story short, he did eventually get the idea, and over a month later we haven’t had this issue again.

It’s true what they say, the first argument is usually over something really dumb, like toilet paper.  But in hindsight, it’s a step we had to take together to continue learning how to live with one another.  Life is a learning process, and I’m still happy to be learning right along side him.


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