Du Pont Pioneer Sunflower Farm

This weekend’s adventure included driving up to the North Shore area to visit the Du Pont Pioneer Sunflower Farm.  This farm was open to the public for only 3 short weekends where visitors could come see the mountain side, and the gorgeous field of sunflowers (for free might I add!).  Before entering, the workers gave a short presentation explaining that these sunflowers are harvested for sunflower oil, and warning that there were plenty of bees and ants throughout the field (which was expected).

Sunflowers have always been a favorite for me, so this short little trip put me in a great mood despite missing my family.  Although there were a lot of bees, we weren’t stung or anything, so that wasn’t an issue.  The pathways through the fields were nice and clear, and they weren’t muddy or dusty -a perfect combination so we weren’t getting dirty.  Unfortunately the flowers only bloom twice a year, and the fields are only open to the public during one of those times.  But if you are in the area when it is open, it’s definitely a fun, cheap adventure to consider!


Until the next adventure,



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