Throwback: Sunny San Diego

This post was originally published on my former blog Dating Through the Distance 

My Love and I stayed in San Diego for 3 days.   We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, which is our go-to line of hotels.  They’re nice, clean, and welcoming, but still affordable.  Our hotel was technically just North of San Diego.  We chose not to stay in the city to save some money.  This hotel was a short walk from the beach and a short drive to and from the city.  Since we had a rental car, driving wasn’t an issue.

Day 1:

The first day in San Diego, we went to the San Diego Zoo.  This was my only request for the entire trip -I just love animals that much.  My Love got in free with his Military ID.  The regular price for adult admission was $50.  But since I was accompanying my Love, I got a 10% discount, so it was only $45!



Since this is such a large zoo, it honestly was an all day affair.  We enjoyed many sights: monkeys threw toys and made funny faces at us, elephants got pedicures, a hippo family cuddled under water, hummingbirds zoomed by, lions slept (like the cats they are)… it was a great experience.




After the zoo, we grabbed dinner and then went back to our hotel room.  Walking all day was a bit exhausting so we went to the beach to relax that first evening.  It’s a good thing that I’m a Navy MilSO, because I could never get sick of the ocean!


Day 2:

The second day in San Diego, my Love showed me all around Base.  He showed me the ship he is currently on as well as all the others nearby.  He showed me his barracks building as well.  After that little tour, we went to the mall and saw the new movie Zootopia (super cute, 10/10 would recommend ha).

Then, we went to Coronado (a small island off of San Diego) where we went to a cute little diner for lunch, and then explored the beach.  We collected seashells and stones from the water’s edge.  It was a nice, relaxing day.

Day 3:

Our last day in San Diego was really spent packing up, and checking out of the hotel.  We then ventured on a 5 hour drive to Nevada for our next destination.  The drive was long, but the views were amazing.  I had never seen American mountains before, so it was a treat for me as a passenger.



Although our time in San Diego was short, I enjoyed every minute because I was finally back in my Love’s arms.


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