Taking the Next Step: Introducing Shiva

When T was on duty one evening, he brought up the idea of getting a cat.  Now, this came as a surprise to me, because I know T is definitely a dog person.  He wants a dog in the worst way but knows that we don’t have the time for a puppy right now.  However, surprise or not, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.  I immediately started looking into the humane societies on the island (#adoptdontshop) and noticed that the Honolulu Humane Society was having a weekend special! You all know how I like to be frugal, so I told T about that, and together we were looking at the different cats available on the website.

The very next day, we went to said Humane Society to look at the cats in person.  First, I must say that this Humane Society was the cleanest one I have been to.  It didn’t smell like urine or feces, and the animals were well cared for.  The cats had large rooms to mingle with each other in, instead of small individual cages.  So right away, we were impressed.  T and I visited both of the cat houses, and sat in a few of these rooms petting and playing with the cats.  I noticed a small female cat sleeping underneath our bench, that I pet and woke up.  She immediately came toward me purring.  She obviously liked the attention, but seemed really sweet.  She was small, but not a kitten (I knew I didn’t want a kitten), and kept herself really clean. We also liked that when we were petting her, she wasn’t really shedding (unlike a lot of the cats there).  We still visited the other rooms, but kept our mind on the cat called Shiva.  Eventually we came back to her, and once again she was really affectionate with both T and I.  We took this as a sign that she was choosing us too.

Next thing you know, we were at the counter to adopt Shiva.  Turns out, her previous family had to surrender her because they were moving and weren’t able to bring her with (heartbreaking, I know).  Since she was coming from the Humane Society, she was up-to-date on vaccines, had a microchip, and was recently fixed as well.  Then to top it all off, on this particular day, Subaru was there sponsoring all the adoptions for the day! So our adoption fee was completely waved, but I still made a donation to the Humane Society.

Once we brought Shiva home, we got her acquainted with our place, where her food dish and litter box was, etc.  She hung out under our bed for the first few days, but would come out to eat and such.  But after having her for 2 weeks now, she has definitely come out of her shell and is playful, affectionate, and obviously well-trained.  She hasn’t had accidents, and she only scratches on the scratching post we got her.



At night we all cuddle in the bed like a cute little family with Shiva in between us.  It’s pretty cute if you ask me.  And it feels right to have taken this step together.


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