The Worst Night in Hawaii

Last night was one of the worst since living in Hawaii.  Around midnight our cat woke us up because she was playing with the blinds on the window.  Then at 1:36am I woke up to the worst pain since having emergency surgery on my appendix when I was 9.  I woke up T, asking him to look at my shoulder.  I knew something had bitten me, but I didn’t know what.  T stumbled to grab his phone for a light, but couldn’t see anything on my shoulder.  He didn’t see any mark or bite or anything.  He was feeling around my back and then I felt it.  So I told him wherever he just touched was it.  At this point I was crying from the pain.  I guess it was more in my armpit than my actual shoulder.  He still wasn’t seeing any bite mark or anything until about a minute later.  Then we both saw it.  I was bleeding from the bite, and starting to swell.  My skin was getting a small hive too.  Whatever got me, got me good.  I washed my wound and put Benadryl cream on it, but the pain didn’t stop.

Of course, before we could go back to bed, we had to find whatever it was that got me.  We shook out our blankets and sheets.  Didn’t see anything.  Moved the mattress, ripped the pillows off the bed, still nothing.  All of a sudden, our little hunter of a cat found it! It turned out to be a centipede (which explained the horrible pain).  The next step was obviously to kill it before it bit one of us or the cat again.  I watched T go nuts trying to get it, but with the help of my favorite wedge (poor shoe) he was able to kill it so we could go back to bed.

However, I was still in terrible pain and swollen from the bite.  I had to sleep with ice on the bite in order to numb it.  I dropped my ice pack a few times in my sleep, and let me tell you, I knew.  As soon as it wasn’t numb, I could just feel this radiating pulse of pain in my armpit, arm, shoulder, and rib.  At one point I honestly thought I was going to lose my limb -that’s how bad it hurt.

I never thought I’d have to call in sick to work because of a bug bite, but I did.  I was just in too much pain when it was time to get ready for work.  I would not wish a centipede bite on anyone, but living in Hawaii it’s apparently more common than I’d hope.


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