Some call me crazy, but I dropped everything I knew in Wisconsin, packed up, and moved all the way to Hawaii to be with the love of my life, T.  This blog is a place where I document our love story, share advice on the military lifestyle through a civilian’s eyes, and chronicle every adventure along the way.

So if you’re considering a move to the islands, you’re in a post-LDR relationship, or a military relationship, this space is a place for you!

About T:

He’s a US Sailor.  He has the cutest butt-chin, rocks nerdy glasses, and I’ve loved his “hipster hair” since we re-met.  Truth is, we go way back.  We actually went to middle school together, and shared one class where all my 8th-grade-self can remember was him staring at me.  Honestly, the only memory I have of this class was that this silly boy’s eyes were drilling a hole into my head.  We re-met when we were 19 (thank goodness we aren’t awkward middle school kids anymore) over some coffee, and have been in love ever since.

About Me:

I’m a recent college graduate.  I currently teach 4th and 5th graders math and science at a private school on this lovely island.  When I’m not in the classroom, I like spending ridiculous amounts of time (and money) in coffee shops where I read and write on a regular basis.  To be honest, I’m probably in a coffee shop as you’re reading this.  The only thing better than coffee, is wine.  And let’s be real, a teaching MilSO needs her wine.

I’m the J in this equation.  And I love that it’s JusT us.



P.S:  Before Just J and T, I blogged at Dating Through the Distance.  If you’ve been following stories about my Love and I from there, thanks for your continued support.