The dreaded D-word… Deployment.  

Anybody in love with a service member despises discussing this topic.  We avoid it as long as possible, but unfortunately it’s a very real part of military life.   Eventually, your Sailor, Soldier, Airman, or Marine may be taken away from you for an extended period of time with little communication and an unreliable address.  It’s just part of their job, this life, and supporting them.

T and I have had to endure two deployments.  One short, and one long.  But no matter the length, a deployment is a deployment.  During those deployments, our relationship was strengthened in ways we didn’t even know needed strengthening.  I will be the first to say that just because they are deployed, doesn’t mean that life cannot go on for you.  I filled my time missing him by accomplishing goals, creating hobbies, and enjoying time with family and friends.  Of course, I missed him like crazy, sent him cute care packages, and wrote to him daily.  But overall, both deployments went by quickly, and he was back before I knew it!

Keep counting down the days, but don’t forget to live in the meantime.