As you can imagine, writing is hard work.  I spend countless hours preparing words into the perfect message.  I dedicate a lot of time to this little blog.  With that in mind, it would really hurt me to see other’s use my work as their own.  For that reason, plagiarism will not be tolerated.  All written work is intellectual property of Just J and T.  I’d be honored if you wanted to share my work, however please do so with the proper citation and a link back to my site.


As a MilSO who follows OPSEC, I completely understand anonymity, especially in today’s social world.  For that reason, you will only know me as J, and my sailor as T.  Literally Just J and T.  In turn, I respect your privacy as well, so for that reason I do not and will not store or share any of your personal information.


If you have any concerns regarding this, you may direct them to: justjandt1@gmail.com